Electronic Recycling & Disposal Services in Willow Springs, NC

We are a part of the Information Age, or Digital Age, characterized by the massive shift of industries and technology. We have come far with electronic devices and equipment. As technology continues to advance, electronic items are replaced with newer electronic devices and appliances. With this new age, we have been learning and understanding efficient ways of e-waste disposal. In Willow Springs, North Carolina, Carolina Trash & Septic stay is committed to perfecting the procedures of e-waste disposal.

Defining E-Waste

E-waste describes the electronic equipment and devices at the end of their life cycle. Most individuals assume you can’t recycle electronic disposals. The equipment gets thrown in the trash, to the waste management service, and eventually to sit in the landfill. The Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, cited 2.37 million tons of e-waste in our landfills in 2009. If you have any old electronics on your Willow Springs, North Carolina property, call Carolina Trash & Septic to ensure they don’t just pile up in landfills. We can help with all of your electronic recycling in Willow Springs, North Carolina.

Dangers for E-Waste in Willow Springs, North Carolina

The amount of e-waste exponentially increases as the years pass. It had a significant effect on landfills; a tremendous amount of e-waste accumulated in the US is now shipped to developing countries for recycling and management. These developing countries have many health risks and dangers when dealing with e-waste. Their tactics, like acid baths, have proven to be more dangerous than helpful during electronic recycling. In Willow Springs. North Carolina, our professionals can handle e-waste safely right here.

Eco-Friendly Electronics Disposal in Willow Springs, North Carolina

When you replace any old electronics, the previous piece of equipment becomes e-waste. To better help the environment of Willow Springs, North Carolina, call Carolina Trash & Septic for electronic disposal. Our team can go pick up and distribute it to the correct facility. There it will be professionally broken down and modified for repurposing across multiple industries. Don’t let other services take it to the landfill; let us take it for environmental improvement.


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