Mattresses are our trusty companions every night, and even they get old and outdated. Whether it’s a rip, too many stains, a poking spring, or just time for an upgrade, Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina can assist with mattress disposal so you can make room for your new best friend. Our furniture pickup and disposal service extends to mattresses and bedframes — all you need to do is contact us to schedule it. We can also provide you with a free quote, so you don’t go into our furniture pickup services without having a very good idea of how much you’ll save.

Mattress Pickup in Angier, North Carolina

When you need mattress pickup for haul away, Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina can come pick it up. As long as you are within bounds of our Angier, North Carolina service area, we are available to come get it out of your way and haul it off so that you don’t have to be troubled with it any longer. Say hello to a good night’s sleep and goodbye to a nightmarish old mattress with our furniture pickup service.

Mattress Disposal in Angier, North Carolina

Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina is able to come haul it away and safely dispose of your mattress when you need it gone. When we haul off your mattress, you can rest easy knowing that your junk isn’t your issue anymore. We will deal with all the details; all you need to be concerned with is calling. Your friendly neighborhood waste company in Angier, North Carolina will do tough jobs for you; all you have to do is schedule the appointment.

Mattress Removal Service in Angier, North Carolina

Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina will remove all your junk, including furniture and appliances, down to the mattress you sleep on. When the time comes for that to happen, Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina makes mattress removal service a quick and painless process, loading up your junk into our giant truck and hauling it away. They say it’s easier said than done, but go ahead and have us do it so you can see that doing business with us is just as easily said as done.

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Carolina Trash & Septic is a locally owned and operated sanitation company. Since 2016, we have been serving the Angier, North Carolina area. Our goal is to keep the streets clean and healthy. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all waste and sanitation needs in Angier, North Carolina. With our long-term garbage container rentals, we offer weekly trash pickup and bi-weekly recycling services. On top of that, we offer efficient and reliable septic pumping and junk removal services. Call one of our associates today to learn more!