Your washer and dryer are so big they probably have their own room. When they’re old and done with, it’s hard to find another place to put them where they won’t crowd your property. Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina can assist with that. Not only are we equipped to dispose of these appliances properly, we also provide reliable and friendly service to go with it. If your Angier, North Carolina home or business has a washer or dryer that needs removal, we can take care of appliance disposal. With our employees, appliance pickup has never been easier.

Washer and Dryer Pickup in Angier, North Carolina

Washers and dryer pickup, like any furnishing or appliance service, can a problem that is something almost routine, that most property owners are used to hiring others to handle. You’ll need to replace them, and Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina can assist in the first step of that process: washer and dryer pickup and disposal. When we come to collect your appliances, we’ll arrive on time with fast and friendly service. All we need from you is your old appliances, and you can be sure that they’ll be disposed of safely and properly.

Washer and Dryer Disposal in Angier, North Carolina

Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina specializes in washer and dryer disposal as part of our junk removal and haul-off services. Washers and dryers are heavy and bulky by design. If you don’t have the means to move them, don’t try. Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina has the professionals and the tools to rid your property of the old so you can feel free with the new. Appliance disposal is something we’re very familiar with, after providing the service for so long.

Appliance Services in Angier North Carolina

Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina understands that the junk you want gone isn’t always the junk you can take care of yourself. That’s why we have a giant truck that can handle it all. If you have appliances as part of other junk that you need taken away, that’s perfectly fine with us. Our price model is based on the percentage of space your junk takes in our truck. For a free estimate, give us a call today at our Angier, North Carolina location today.

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Carolina Trash & Septic is a locally owned and operated sanitation company. Since 2016, we have been serving the Angier, North Carolina area. Our goal is to keep the streets clean and healthy. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all waste and sanitation needs in Angier, North Carolina. With our long-term garbage container rentals, we offer weekly trash pickup and bi-weekly recycling services. On top of that, we offer efficient and reliable septic pumping and junk removal services. Call one of our associates today to learn more!