When the refrigerator goes out, it’s a rough day for the family. Especially if it’s a summer day in Angier, North Carolina. There’s not much time to spare while you search for a new fridge and switch it out before your food has time to go bad. Maybe you caught it before it got to that point because it was due time for an upgrade, but getting rid of that old fridge is your next big challenge. Well, Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina has the tools to make it disappear from your kitchen and your worries.

Refrigerator Pickup in Angier, North Carolina

Disconnecting and maneuvering a refrigerator out of its rightful place in the kitchen can be a tricky and dangerous job. It’s large, heavy, and difficult for inexperienced people to manage. Don’t hurt yourself or your flooring if you don’t know exactly what to do. Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina can schedule a time for refrigerator pickup that works for you, so you don’t have to keep it around, cluttering up your property.

Refrigerator Recycling in Angier, North Carolina

Following the appropriate steps is important when it comes to refrigerator disposal because fridges contain harmful chemicals that could harm our Angier, North Carolina environment. When you entrust Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina to take care of your refrigerator, we make sure that the refrigerator disposal is safe and eco-friendly. We at Carolina Trash & Septic in Angier, North Carolina won’t let your fridge end up in a landfill; we will recycle it or dispose of it properly.

Appliance Pickup in Angier, North Carolina

Refrigerator recycling is only one of the major appliance pickup services that we offer. We understand that appliances take up a lot of room and contain a lot of potentially harmful chemicals that aren’t good for the environment. We know how to do what needs to get done by disposing of these appliances in the safest way possible. Call us today for a free quote, and we can schedule a time for our Angier, North Carolina crew to take care of your junk and appliance pickup.

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Carolina Trash & Septic is a locally owned and operated sanitation company. Since 2016, we have been serving the Angier, North Carolina area. Our goal is to keep the streets clean and healthy. We strive to be a one-stop-shop for all waste and sanitation needs in Angier, North Carolina. With our long-term garbage container rentals, we offer weekly trash pickup and bi-weekly recycling services. On top of that, we offer efficient and reliable septic pumping and junk removal services. Call one of our associates today to learn more!