Microwave Pickup & Disposal in Apex, NC

Throughout the year, many individuals decide to do renovation projects in their Apex, North Carolina properties. Renovation invites the replacement of materials and appliances to specific areas of your home or business. Many contractors and subcontractors can offer old appliance disposal for items like stoves, refrigerators, and even microwaves, but only in exchange for additional fees and the chances of your appliance not getting proper disposal. For Apex, North Carolina, Carolina Trash & Septic offers appliance disposal services that can take care of any old appliance you need to be removed.

The Truth About Microwaves

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been monitoring and regulating microwaves since 1971. Although these appliances do not emit radiation into your food, they have electromagnetic radiation, which causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate and produce heat. The necessary heating components in microwaves are often toxic to the environment. Old microwaves can be recycled, and they should be recycled. Microwave recycling helps improve the ecosystem of Apex, North Carolina.

Environmentally Friendly Microwave Disposal

Some microwaves and appliances are easy to remove, but some can pose a challenge that requires a professional hand. However, most companies will not offer eco-friendly appliance disposals. Carolina Trash & Septic only practice green procedures when it comes to disposal services. After pickup, our drivers take the appliances to the correct Apex, North Carolina recycling faculty. From there, they will be repurposed back into multiple industries and manufacturers. Our services include reliable microwave recycling to better our environment in Apex, North Carolina.

Quality Service for Apex, North Carolina Appliance Pickup

Since 2016, Carolina Trash & Septic has branded ourselves with excellent customer service. From the first call you make to the last signoff, you will be taken care of to our fullest extent. When you need microwave disposal, all you must do is call Carolina Trash & Septic. Our dispatchers work closely with customers to ensure a smooth appliance pickup process in Apex, North Carolina. Have special instructions or items you forgot to mention? No worries, our dispatchers keep a constant flow of communication between our drivers and customers.


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